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Hardfacing Processes

The process of hardfacing includes depositing harder or more rugged and tougher materials on to the surface of another material for enhancing abrasion, impact resistance, or erosion capabilities.

Many businesses avoid offering Hardfacing due it being a difficult process to master. This process takes extreme skill due to its nature of crack sensitivity nature within many hardfacing materials.

However, TRCW has dedicated experts who fully understand process controls and have completed extensive research to develop quality procedures that guarantee the industry best quality for all your hardfacing project needs.

Our Hardfacing process is used to extend the life of parts and components and it used throughout various industries, some of which include Oil and Gas, Drilling Tools, Chemical, Mining, and Petrochemical or any industry that involves Refining.

TRCW has obtained several welding procedures for hardfacing processes.

Processes Used for Hardfacing

Hardfacing Materials

Cobalt Alloys

Hardfacing Materials

Tungsten Carbide

Base Materials

Carbon Steels

Base Materials

Low Alloy Steels

Hardfacing projects completed on time and budget!

 Hardfacing, also referred to as hard surfacing, is the application of a build-up or wear-resistant weld metal onto a a material surface by means of welding to extend the life of a part or component. The weld can either be a solid surface or welded in a specific pattern, such as a herringbone, dot pattern, waffle pattern, etc.